The Takataka Collection


The Takataka Collection – Turning Trash into Treasure

Takataka literally means “trash” in Swahili. Even before being Green was vogue, African craftspeople used discarded material for their handcrafted pieces. In the early 90’s the NGO KICK (Kisumu Innovation Centre – Kenya) designed bicycle and “Dancing Girl” jewelry from discarded tin cans and wire. Decades later, more than 150 artisans in Kisumu make these products, including young women from a teenage mothers group who make paper jewelry as well.Artisans in South Africa have, likewise, created an industry from trash. A small group of Zimbabwean refugees in Cape Town designed jewelry pieces from soda cans creating a sustainable business.The creativity of the artisans of both countries seems limitless. In addition to cans and wire, bottle caps, plastic phone cards, and vinyl records have all been turned into wearable art. Long-term relationships with Fair Trade buyers have ensured that this industry has a bright, fair future.
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