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May 22, 2003

African Drums Draw Crowd to Flager Avenue Gazebo


The Daytona News-Journal, Daytona Beach, Florida

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -  The sound of African drums Sunday afternoon at the Flagler Avenue gazebo drew the curious and those who knew the Ngoma Thunder African Drummers and the Spirit of Life Dancers would be performing there.

Ryan Sinclair and the other drummers created sounds of the African wilderness.  After one particularly loud thump, Sinclair explained, "It's a bear!"  Then there was muted durmming, representing the bear stalking in the wild.  As the tempo and noise of the drums rose, Sinclair shouted, "The bear sees a lion!"

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  Sinclair also lumbered across the stage mimicking the movements of an elephant, all to the beat of the drums.  Dancers later joined the drummers and many onlookers also were seen moving to the beat of the music.

The performance, sponsored by Global Crafts at 300 B Flagler Ave. was arranged by store owners Renice Jones and Kevin Ward, in celebration of World Fair Trade Day.

One New Smyrna Beach woman at the celebration went home especially happy.  Yvette Harley was thrilled to have the lucky ticket for a giant handmade Ethiopian basket Sunday.

"My whole living room is African so the basket will fit right in," said the delighted winner.

Summing up the "drumming day," Jones said, "For a first try, I'm pleased."

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