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Peace Corps Kenya 2002-2003 GAD Calendars are here!  The fifteen-month calendar celebrates women in Kenya. Proceeds go to the Gender and Development committee, which promotes providing opportunities for girls and young women in Kenya.  One of the committee's major projects is "Take Our Daughters to Work" Day, which partners school girls from rural areas with business women in Nairobi for several days of awareness and fun.  The committee also offers scholarships for girls to continue their schooling, helping them avoid marriages while in their early teens. Many of these girls have never been out of their villages and TODTW gives them an opportunity to experience the possibilities of what can be if they stay in school.

Peace Corps Kenya 2002-2003 Calendar $12.00 

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Global Crafts is a fair trade organization.  We pride ourselves on several principles: We always pay a fair price in the local currency and we always pay on time. In addition to this we work with local NGOs to build local education and social welfare programs. GlobalCrafts is not a donor, we work in partnership to improve economic opportunities through developing orders. We believe in helping other to help themselves. We believe this is a sustainable process with leads to self fulfilment and independence.

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