Globally Inspired: How to Take a Bite From the Abundant Table

As Fair Trade Month is around the corner (October, actually),  what better way to engage customers than by inviting them to your ethnic table and enjoy some global cuisine? According to Mintel, a global market research firm, sales in the ethnic food sector have been climbing steadily since 2004, reaching $2.2 billion in 2009 and growing[…]

The Shared Heart of Yoga and Fair Trade

Yoga is a powerful part of our lives, and has been for many years.  Between attending thousands of classes, teaching classes, attending festivals and workshops, and providing yoga products to hundreds of customers, it’s become ingrained in our thinking and way of life. To boil yoga down to a simple catch-phrase is extremely difficult. There[…]

The Write Stuff: 10 New & Fun Ways to Sell Greeting Cards & Stationery

We live in a world of snaps, texts and tweets. Yet despite our reliance on technology for real-time updates, the greeting card industry continues to grow. In fact, the Greeting Card Association (GCA) estimates annual sales of greeting cards to be between $7-8 billion. Not million. BILLION. And, if you think Facebook birthday wishes posts[…]

Looks Do Deceive – How I Learned to Respect Zimbabwe’s Mbira

When we unpacked our first shipment of Zimbabwe wood carvings in 2003, we found that the empty spaces in the box were filled with blocks of wood with rusty pieces of metal attached.  Each one weighed just under a pound.  We’d shipped the order by EMS, which is international priority mail, and paid dearly for[…]