Using your Fair Trade Day Social Cut-Out

As a Global Crafts customer you will be getting a pack of 5 Social Cut Outs with your orders. They are designed for Fair Trade Day May 14th – but great for any day you want to celebrate Fair Trade.  If you are not a Global Crafts customer or are not placing an order but still want your cut out, you can order them at the bottom of this page.

So your Cut-Out arrived but, it’s creased and it’s not cut-out – What?? Oh wait, let’s watch a short 5 min video and turn this into something fun to spread the Fair Trade message.

Fair Trade Day is going to be awesome!

If you need to order more please do so here. Global Crafts will ship 5 free with wholesale orders between now and May 7th 2016 for Fair Trade Day May 14th, so if you are ordering from us you do not need to order any.

If you are attending the Fair Trade Federation conference – they will be available for free for you to take home.

We encourage other wholesalers etc. to distribute these so we’ve made a 50 pack available. Also if you want me to do the work for you and mount one, no problem.

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