Growing Amazon FBA sales with Global Crafts

At Global Crafts we understand that Amazon customers increasingly care about Amazon Prime and that products sell much better through FBA than seller fulfilled. We also understand that the Amazon model, built to create completion on successful products does not reward those who take a risk and place unproven products into FBA. Thus most Amazon FBA sellers are looking for proven products.

Our strategy for 2016 is to take on the role of Market Maker. We will place products on FBA to test and create successful sku’s, once they are proven we will issue a report to our FBA buyers and Drop Shipper network and step back. We will not ship proven products to Amazon when we have one or more FBA buyers providing that product to Amazon. Our wholesale team is able and willing to ship directly to Amazon for customers, if you provide the box labels and product labels (30 to a sheet). Orders can be placed via Periodically, when a product demand is not being met on Amazon or when a new product is proven and needs supplying we will issue a FBA report by email to alert sellers of the opportunities.

This report is the first of such reports.

The Attached products are our best sellers on Amazon and Amazon FBA. We have provided a comment on whether we still have inventory in FBA and whether the product is currently being provided to Amazon by other sellers. We may not always be aware of customers supplying FBA themselves; data is accurate to the best of our knowledge. The report is accurate as of Dec 28th 2015, we will increase the products we send to FBA based on data to develop sku’s until sellers take on the sku.