Wholesale v’s Drop Shipping for your Fair Trade business

Since we launched our Drop Shipping site we have a  lot of conversations around which is better for you when ordering your Fair Trade products, wholesale or drops shipping. On the face of it, its seems obvious or is it ?

We can say for certain that if you run a retail store or sell anywhere that is not online, wholesale is the way to go as you need the goods in your hands and you get larger margins buying fair trade products wholesale rather than drop shipping. But what about if you also or only have an online store ?

Lets assume that you run a bricks and mortar store and also have a website.  Maybe you don’t currently sell your fair trade gifts the site, you may realize that its not simple, you may not be willing to do the extra inventory management, packing and shipping that comes with selling online. We have two solutions for you; fully managed eCommerce and drop shipping.  If you want us to do everything except the marketing including building the eCommerce site, you should take a look at the fully managed eCommerce model. It is a bit restrictive, as you can only sell our products, but we literally do everything except make the sales.

Looking for more flexibility ? We can help you add all our products to your site and handle the fulfillment for you through drop shipping. Lets be honest even if we are your favorite fair trade wholesaler, you probably only carry 100 of our products, this way you can sell 2000 products online. You can still buy the 100 products for your store wholesale. When an online order arrives you can choose to ether have us fulfill it or ship it yourself if its in the store. A win win.

Maybe over time you find some great sellers, then simply switch to wholesale for those fair trade items that sell well online and make a larger margin.

If you need any help working out the model that is best for you. Please feel free to call.