Fair Trade Children’s Products — It’s Far From Child’s Play

Here at Global Crafts, we’re avoidists.  We try to take the path of least resistance to keep our blood pressures low.  So as we learned about the laws and regulations of importing and distributing products for children, we did what we thought we should do — run.  Anything we had with small parts clearly were[…]

For Women By Women – Fair Trade for Mother’s Day

My 98-year-old mother, Bea, always told me to never leave the house without wearing earrings.  Most mothers would say makeup but the women in our family have always had an affection for earrings.  Bea loves Fair Trade earrings, the bigger and brighter, the better.  When someone compliments her on her earrings, she proudly says, “These were handmade by women in Chile”[…]